Wee Tots (21m-3yrs)

****Currently enrolling for our Morning Wee Tot classes!*****

This is a parent/child participation class.

Your Wee Tot will learn activities including: Itsy Bitsy Spider, 3 Little Monkeys, Animal Zoo games, Wheels on the Bus with parachutes, Climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging and all types of balancing acts.

Benefits of taking a class at Aspire Academy

  • ALLOWS you to spend quality time with your child
  • BUILD your child’s strength and balance
  • INCREASE flexibility and coordination
  • BUILD self esteem
  • DEVELOP motor skills
  • PROMOTE physical activity
  • INCREASE social skills

Class Facts

  • Classes offered Tuesday and Wednesday mornings
  • For ages 21 months to 3 years
  • Class time is 45 minutes
  • Class ration is 6 children to 1 coach
  • Class is offered mornings and evenings

Tips for Parents

Be patient and have reasonable expectations, Reflect positive feelings about any accomplishment, large or small.

Remember: A few months difference in age can effect how a child meets the challenges of the class. Reward your child’s success with hugs and kisses!

What to Wear: leotard, elastic shorts, tee or tank top.
Parents should wear comfortable clothing – come ready to move! No street shoes, please)

Aspire Policy:
Due to liability and limited space, older siblings are not permitted to participate nor chaperone the child during class. Cell phones are to be turned off during class time.