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Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling Mission Statement

Our trampoline and tumbling program offers the best instruction, equipment, and facility in the State of Arkansas. Our classes are designed to meet every athlete’s individual skill level that is appropriate for their age so they may better reach their personal tumbling goals. We offer a trampoline and tumbling program that focuses on progressions through proper techniques and drills so the athletes may safely advance to the next level.

Class objectives

Level 1: Basic trampoline and tumbling through progressions to develop required core and upper body strength and flexibility that will be necessary to advance to higher level skills. Focus will be on correct body form, control, technique and learning how to properly jump on the trampoline.

Level 2: The level 2 classes develop more basic skills and progress on the skills learned in the level 1 class. This level also starts integrating more advanced skills such as the back handspring.

Levels 3 and higher: Level 3 and up classes develop advanced tumbling skills and trampoline combinations. These classes are designed to start the basics in flipping both in tumbling and trampoline.


Note: All students must be evaluated before they are placed in a Level 2 or higher class.

Competitive Team: Trampoline and tumbling has been a rapidly growing competitive sport for many years. In 2000, competitive trampoline was added to the Summer Olympic Games. Aspire Trampoline and Tumbling uses USA Gymnastics as a governing body and compete in levels 3-10. The team is by invitation / tryout only and requires mastery of basic skills.

Class Facts

  • 3 Age Groups: (5-8 years, 6-9 years, and 8-15)
  • Class time is 1 hour
  • Class ratio is 8 students: 1 coach
  • Classes offered on Monday-Thursday

What to Wear:

  • TRAMPOLINE SHOES OR SOCKS are mandatory for all T&T classes
  • Leotard for girls
  • Elastic Shorts
  • Tee or Tank top
  • Under Armour style shirt for boys
  • Hair must be pulled up and out of the face

Things to avoid:

  • Denim Attire
  • Any clothing with snaps or buttons
  • NO Jewelry