Girls Tots (3-4yrs)

Fun activities for your tots including: Forward/Backward rolls, cartwheels, spider walks, glide swings, balance activities. Becoming accustomed to gymnastics equipment.

Benefits of taking a class at Aspire Academy

  • GREAT foundational courses for future
  • BUILD strength and balance
  • INCREASE flexibility and coordination
  • BUILD self esteem
  • DEVELOP fine motor skills
  • PROMOTE physical activity
  • INCREASE social skills

Class Facts

  • For fully potty-trained girls ages 3 & 4 years
  • classes offered Monday-Thursday
  • Class time is 45 minutes
  • Class ration is 5 children to 1 coach
  • Class is offered mornings and evenings

Tips for Parents

Plan to stay close by, in the event your child needs to use the restroom. Coaches are not allowed to take your child to the restroom. In the event of any behavioral issues in the class, your child could be dismissed from class that day. If there are any special needs concerning your child, please notify your child’s coach of those needs. Children ARE allowed to bring water bottles to class.

What to Wear: leotard, elastic shorts, tee or tank top
Things to Avoid: baggy clothing, socks or tights, sweatpants and sweatshirts, skirts attached to leotards
Things to Consider: child must be fully potty trained to participate (does not qualify if wearing a pull up), hair must be out of the face, gymnastics is a sport done barefoot (no socks or shoes), jewelry is not allowed.